48th PHA Annual Convention & Scientific Meeting - Organizing Committee


Nannette R. Rey, MD
Over-all Chair, 48th Annual Convention
 ong garcia
Aurelia G. Leus, MD
Chair, Scientific Committee
Jorge A. Sison, MD
Chair, Registration Committee
Gilbert C. Vilela, MD
Sessions Coordinator
Jude Erric L. Cinco, MD
Chair, Socials Committee
Orlando R. Bugarin, MD
Exhibits & Physical Arrangement
Alex T. Junia, MD
Protocol Officer
Romeo B. Cruz
Chair, Finance Committee
Atty. Darlene Marie B. Berberabe
Chair, Lay Participation
Alisa P. Bernan, MD
Chair, Research Committee
Pedro P. San Diego, MD
Information Technology Consultant
Timothy C. Dy, MD
Chair, Convention Website Committee
Marcellus Francis L. Ramirez, MD
Chair, Website Committee
Don Robespierre C. Reyes, MD
Editor-In-Chief, Daily NewsBeats





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